How To Properly Socialize Your Puppy

By: Liaba Tariq

Every puppy has to build their life around many social moments. Socialization can mean everyday walks, a run to the grocery store, and welcoming family members to their territory. Their ability to manage these social queues lays a great impact on their obedience and that is why you must learn the proper ways to socialize your dog!

In this blog, we will equip you with all the necessary information you need when you expose your dog to minimal social settings. So when you train them to be more obedient in front of social obstacles, it is a successful session! With that said, let’s get to the dos and don’ts.

Socializing Your Puppy The Right Way

1.     Playdates Can Be Productive

Playdates can be fun ways for you and your dog to socialize with new people and puppies, especially if there are well-behaved dogs. It makes for a strong socializing foundation for your dog as it can learn skills faster in a safe and healthy environment.

Arranging for playdates can be made easier if you have friends, family, or colleagues who are also pet parents. Ask them if they would be interested in coming over for tea and biscuits while your dog socializes in front of your eyes. It is worth mentioning that playdates let your dog learn the right behaviors when it comes to humans and dogs!

2.     Practice Commands

Before you begin socializing your puppy, it should be able to pick up on basic commands. That will help you prepare for any horrible scenario where you are required to take control of your dog’s actions. For instance, if your puppy starts barking at passerby children, you should be able to make them stop by using the stop and sit commands.

It keeps your dog from becoming a danger to other people and animals. So you should always make sure that your dog knows all the basic commands that are needed to keep him in control!

3.     Take Them Out To New Settings

Once your dog knows the basic commands and does well at home, it is time to take him out to different settings. This can be a morning jog companion or even running errands with your dog by your side. What this does is normalize different conditions, weather, sensations, and people to your dog’s mind and he is better able to behave himself!

Make sure you invest in a good quality leash and that your dog is encouraged every time he socializes correctly. Whenever your dog misbehaves in any scenario, do not misunderstand the root cause of that reaction. Once you can identify whether your dog is acting out of fear or aggression, it will make for a smoother recovery to obedience!


As a puppy owner, training can become a tiring routine, especially if you don’t know what to do. Socialization training is one of those but we hope this article has proven to be a helpful and easy-to-follow guide to training your dog in the correct manners of behavior. We wish you a happy training session!

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