How To Perfect The Leave It Command In One Training Session

By: Liaba Tariq

Leave it commands are essential when you are raising your puppy. There are many situations where you will have to use this command to teach your dog to leave things he picks up. It can be somebody’s belonging, a dead animal, or even poisonous objects that he sees on his daily walks.

What this command focuses on is your dog’s ability to control impulses and allow you to be in control of such situations. Our blog will help you teach your puppy the “leave it” command in the first training sessions. Get ready and read on!

Train your puppy the “leave it” command

1.     Bring out a reward system

Rewards can create an incentive for your dog to participate. It helps them focus on your activity and polishes their skills in training sessions faster than any other way. So show your puppy that you have a prize for cooperating with you.

Begin by placing a favorite treat on the ground for your dog as bait and then continue with step number 2.

2.     Put on a sturdy leash

Sturdy leashes come in as a great help when you are teaching impulse control to your puppy. Strap a leash correctly on your puppy and toss a treat on the floor as an attraction. The second your puppy rushes towards it, tug the leash slightly so your dog is taken away from eating the treat.

Combine this with the verbal cue of “leave it” so your dog can learn the signal that their action was discouraged. It creates a connection in your dog’s mind and they will be able to learn faster than picking up items from the ground is a no-go when they are told to leave them.

3.     Reward good behavior

To solidify these concepts, make sure you are communicating with your dog. This can be done in terms of behavior. When your dog does as you want it to, you should reward that good and obedient behavior by feeding them a treat from your hand.

4.     Repeat the pattern

Repeat these steps to get the right grasp on impulse control for your dog. When your dog obeys you by discarding a treat on the ground, verbally praise him, and give him a treat. Repeat this process multiple times so that your dog learns this behavior once and for all.

Once your dog listens to you without breaking position many times, it is time to slowly reduce tugging on their leash because the goal is to train them to listen to a vocal command rather than physical restraint. When you notice your dog redirecting his attention to your verbal commands, congratulations on a successful training session!


Leave it command is a basic training command that comes in use many times throughout your dog’s life. We combined many techniques and came up with the most effective ones in this blog post so you can teach your puppy the leave it command in simply 1 easy session! Get your hands on a double-duty leash which is a perfect tool for training sessions. Have a happy training session!

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