Housebreak Your Puppy: The Latest Guide

By: Liaba Tariq

Training comes with the addition of a new puppy. These training sessions are important as they teach your puppy the essential manners of a well-behaved pet. Restraint, verbal commands, and potty training all fall under the umbrella of training sessions. When it comes to potty training, don’t be fooled by using pee pads, because if you’re trying to housebreak your puppy, it is going to hinder all progress.

Using a pee pad means that you encourage your dog to go inside the house and create a toxic and impure environment in your living space. So this blog tackles the steps you can follow to successfully housebreak your puppy.

4 steps to housebreak your puppy

1.     Show them the spot where they can relieve themselves

The first step to housebreaking your puppy s to show them a designated spot where they can relieve themselves. It should be an open space such as part of your backyard which is accessible for you and your dog. This will be important when you want them to follow a routine when it comes to housebreaking as they will know where to go.

2.     Set schedules to go

Puppies can generally hold their bladder for 7 hours. But you should note how long it is taking your puppy to hold its bladder. That way you can create a schedule for them to go at specific times when they have to relieve themselves. Ensure that you are taking them to their designated spot so they don’t stray from that habit.

Consistency is key when you set schedules so make sure that you are sticking to the schedule. This will confirm the schedule for your dog as well!

3.     Discourage them by catching them in the act

Despite sticking to schedules, you will notice that it doesn’t automatically cure your dog’s behavior. Instead, you will find pee spots and accidents around the house. The way to deal with this is to catch them in the act and create a loud disapproving noise to startle them. This will make them feel reprimanded and they will be discouraged from doing it,

When you find pee spots around the house, use an enzymatic cleaner to clean the place so there is no trace of scent that your dog can follow back and repeat his mistake.

4.     Encourage good behavior

Good behaviors must also be rewarded just like bad behaviors are being punished. The best way to encourage good behavior is by giving dog treats to your puppy every time he goes outside to relieve himself in the designated spot. You can also give him his favorite chew toy extra verbal affection.


Housebreaking your puppy can become a nightmare if you don’t have the right technique to follow. It can create toxic home environments and that is why we have curated this blog to help you deal with your puppy’s bad behavior. Get an obedient pet at your hand by following the steps mentioned in this blog post and we wish you happy training!

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