Get Your Puppy To Stay: Effective Dog Training

By: Liaba Tariq

Dogs are known for their active lifestyle and when you’re a dog owner, you get well accustomed to their hyperactive schedules. When you need your dog to calm down, having a verbal command can make things very easy to communicate.

The stay command can make every day easier for you and combined with the break command, your puppy can seem very obedient! So here’s how you can make your puppy stay in place.

Teach the stay command

1.     Get your dog engaged

The beginning of every training session is to find a mode of interest. What we mean by this is that you should show them an object of interest that makes them interested in you. This can be dog treats or even toys! Once you get your final prize settled, it is time to show them what they will receive if they cooperate fully with you.

As soon as your dog is engaged, you can now begin training.

2.     Focus on eye-contact

Eye contact is an intimate connection that animals make with you. So focusing on eye contact as part of your training process is important. This asserts that you are speaking to them, want them to listen to you and you are in control of the entire situation.

To maintain eye contact, give them a little treat to encourage that behavior. It helps with your puppy’s ability to hand over power and control. They can learn to become submissive to you.

After focus and connection are established, you can begin training. Show them your open palm, facing towards them, and use the word “stay”. What you are doing with this action is linking a palm action to a word, so when your dog learns this behavior, one of these actions will be enough for them to understand you.

It is a crucial aspect of training and will help your dog greatly in social settings!

4.     Reward the good behavior

Your puppy can become quite a handful and get distracted during training. To keep your puppy focused, reward it with its favorite treats the moment it obeys your stay command. It can be anything from a chew toy to affection or even dog food. Repetition is key when it comes to training your puppy so ensure you follow up on rewards every single time your puppy behaves well.

Practicing this while your dog engages with your commands gives you guaranteed success. Over time, begin reducing the treats from this equation so your dog slows down on its expectations.


This blog post is curated for all pet parents who are finding it hard to contain their dogs and their exciting behaviors. As small puppies, it is beneficial for everybody to train them at an earlier stage when they are agile learners and can quickly form new habits.

So before it is too late, we hope that you use the steps mentioned in this blog post to train your puppy in the stay command. The stay command is your best friend every time you take your puppy to any social setting and want him to behave at his best!

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