Stopping Puppies From Jumping

By: Liaba Tariq

Puppies tend to jump on people, furniture, and other animals because it is a natural instinct for them. Jumping is a way for dogs to express their playfulness and excitement towards playmates, including people! However, letting your dog continue this behavior can be dangerous in the long run.

Here is a guide curated to help you train your puppy to stop jumping. It is quite easy to teach puppies at a young age because they adapt quickly and are fast learners. So let’s get you started on how to stop your puppy from jumping!

How to stop your puppy from jumping

1.     Use the leash to your advantage

Leashes can make up a great training session as they allow you to be in true control.  Leashes can help teach your dog what submissions mean because when your dog leaps up, you should tug the leash very lightly, enough to send a message that what they did was not appreciated or encouraged by you.

When you are using an instrument such as a leash, always remember that puppies are very delicate and you do not want to cause harm to them. If you tug strongly, it can seriously damage your dog’s neck and breathing. So be very careful and give them a small tug.

2.     Follow through with verbal commands

Verbal commands can make every training session so much easier because, in a sense, it allows you to verbally communicate with your dog. These commands can be used in public to tame your dog quickly when needed. If your dog jumps on you or other people, tugging the leash might not be the most effective way to get them to stop.

But the stop command is!

Follow up with commands such as “no” or “stop” and convey the message effectively. Repeatedly doing so with a small tug of the leash can help them remember and understand their actions better!

3.     Reward your dog well

Reward systems are your best friend if you are trying to encourage behaviors. It makes sense for puppies to get something in return when they do something you want them to do. If your puppy is a fan of food, give him its favorite treats when it listens to your commands and stops jumping.

Similarly, if your dog likes to cuddle and play, you can offer extended playtimes and affection to your puppy so they can form a connection with their actions. You should reward your dog as soon as he listens to your command. Once this is done, it will make training easier for you as well as your dog!


Jumping can be cute when puppies do it, but when they grow up to be muscled and strong dogs, things can become scarier. That is when correctional training comes in handy. If you don’t wish your dog to grow up and have behavioral problems, follow this guide that we have curated for you and train your puppy to stop jumping before it is too late! Just make sure to get your hands on some treats, a durable leash as well as a lot of patience!

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