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Dog poop bags 

Earth Rated Product (RED) Edition 

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It can be a frustrating task to buy the right poop bags for your dog when there are countless options out there. But those additional qualities that come with these products are what make Did you ever think buying poop bags from the Earth Rated Store also gives you a chance to give back to society? Earth Rated has partnered with Red along with other iconic brands to fight global health emergencies. When you buy from their limited edition of Earth Rated (Red) Edition, they will donate $1.75 to the Global Fund, for a total of $100,000. you buy them.

Yingdelai Dog Poop Bag 

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One step towards protecting the environment is to replace plastic with other degradable products. A biodegradable non-plastic poop bag that does not harm the environment is the Yingdelai Dog Poop Bag. Yindelai’s bag is made of vegetable-based ingredients and decomposes within 18 months. The fresh-scented poop bags come with a dispenser and has received thousands of positive reviews and numerous 5-stars on Amazon. With 540 bags in total, you can use this super value package for close to six months.  

Earth Rated (RED) EditionYingdelai Dog Poop Bag
Price11.99 $18.04 $ 
DispenserNo (Can be bought separately)Yes 
MaterialPlastic Vegetable-based ingredients 
ScentedNo Fresh Scented 
Number of Bags270 540 
Size9×13 9×13.5 

Pooper Scooper 

GoGo Stik ST Pooper Scooper and Dootie Rake 

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The GoGo stick, unlike any other traditional pooper scooper, is a stick to which you can insert a poop bag of any style or size. If you are looking for something that takes up less space and is easy to use, then the GoGo stick is just for you. You can even avoid the hassle of washing it after every use. It is lightweight and can be carried around easily and even hung anywhere for storage. You can use it with the Dootie Rake for convenience or you can just simply use the Gogo Stick without the rake as well. This is a great alternative to the usual pooper scoopers as it is very easy to use and handy. 

Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper 

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The Arm and Hammer Swivel Bin and Rake from Pet make looks similar to any other pooper scoopers in the market, but this specific one comes with a huge capacity and can be used multiple times. The swivel bins are easy to use and the Arm & Hammer baking soda-activated waste bags that come with it helps to keep it clean. However, if you want to reduce waste and do not want to use the poop bags, you can use the swivel bins directly and just wash them after. 

GoGo Stik ST Pooper Scooper and Dootie RakeArm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper
Price39.95 $ 15.98 $ 
MaterialAluminum, HDPE, ABS, Silicone Plastic 
BinNo bin. The poop bag needs to be inserted into the stick  Swivel bin to easily clean up poop multiple times.  
Size37 inches (height) 32 inches (height) 

Dog Carrier 

Doggyhut TOBI Large Pet Bike Trailer. 

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If your dog is feeling lazy to get outdoors and walk, why not take her out for a  ride. The Doggyhut TOBI Pet Bike Trailer comes in three colors and has amazing safety features such as the reflectors, safety flag, and adjustable safety leash. There are numerous dog bike trailers out there in the market, however getting one that is strong and reliable ensures the safety of your dog while you are on the road. Doggyhut’s Bike Trailer comes with a one-year warranty and has a vinyl layer that can block the wind. It can be folded flat and is not a hassle to carry around. Taking your dog for a bike ride is definitely going to be an exciting experience for you and your dog. 

K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier  

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An easy-to-use pet travel carrier is a must-have for every pet owner. This carrier from K&H Pet Products is for anyone who wants to keep things quick and easy. Your pets will receive a view with the mesh window and it allows for easy access with its multiple openings. The small size of this carrier makes it fit into the front seat of any car. Your dog will be comfortable and cozy in this lightweight travel carrier.  

K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier for Pets Retrospec Rover Waggin’ Pet Bike Trailer Doggyhut TOBI Large Pet Bike Trailer 
Price69.99 $ 169.99 $ 144.99 $ 
Waterproof No water resistant waterproof 
Size 24 X 19 X 17 Inches 30 x 19 x 17 inches 53 x 29.5 x 35.5 inches 
Compatible for a Car Seat Yes No Yes 

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