Brave Yorkie Survives Fierce Dog Attack

“25th December 2017 remains evergreen in my memory,” Prue Ruga said amidst muffled breaths.

It was a sunny day. The weather was excellent, and it was time for Daisy’s daily training session. She wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world, not even Christmas.

Daisy, her cute little Yorkie, was a darling to her. She enjoyed heeling, and her devoted owner, Prue, was always ready to take her out for her favorite sport.

“I searched for her harnesses, but they were nowhere to be found. Then, I resorted to connecting the leash on her collar, even though I had been warned never to take such risks. That was my greatest regret,” Prue moaned tearfully.

Prue and little Daisy walked smoothly across the road, keeping to the sidewalk. Seeing them lovingly walk side by side with each other was enjoyable. It pleased Prue that Daisy, although a pint-sized Yorkie pup, was endowed with an array of great personalities.

Daisy always used defensive behaviors by either growling, snapping, or lunging whenever anything posed a threat to her master and would never return from a fight. “I shouldn’t have let her feel like the master of the house,” Prue continued. “She was only trying to protect me.”

While the duo was seriously engrossed in their training session, something unusual happened. Prue had spotted a dog. It was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The dog looked nervous. It looked like it had probably escaped from its master or something.

There was this ferocious look in the dodog’syes that made PrPrue’seg shiver non-stop. She noticed that the dog had taken to studying her intently. It moved a bit closer and whelped, giving her a menacing look.

It all happened in a split second. The dog charged at them, and Prue backed away in apprehension. “en, my worst nightmare came true. Daisy suddenly pulled away, right from her collar, in a bid to save me. The dog sank its teeth straight into her front paws. I practically went numb.”

“little Daisy jerked back in severe pain. She flew off the curb and was hit by the left wheel of a moving carriage. She sprawled across the road, lifeless.

A few people had gathered at the scene, thus prompting the dog to take to its heels. He was, however, rounded up and found out to be owned by one Mr. Jenkins, a rogue who was not taking care of his animals.

The dog was infected with rabies and had indeed become rabid. He was eventually put to sleep forever, never to see the light of another day. Mr. Jenkins was also held responsible for all Daisy’s medication. That avenged his dog’s brutality towards the Yorkie.

Daisy survived, though she was in grievous pain for a long time. She was administered the anti-rabies vaccine almost immediately after the bite, and her paws were carefully tended. Luckily, not much damage was done to her fragile bones by the carriage.

“M” only wish right now is that you walk again. I hope you forgive me,” “rue whispered, her Yorkie curled in her arms. Daisy’s courageous eyes shone in delight. She started limping after a few months and is getting ready to heel again.

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