Have you ever felt like you just needed a dog?

How can a dog express itself? A pure, wonderful, and sincere soul, who in every situation is by our side, supports us, loves us, appreciates us, is loyal to us, and most importantly, gives us confidence and strength to go through anything. They are angels without wings, and I am about to predict a very profound story, with which I will instantly sensitize you. 

This is Cleo. At first glance, she seems like a normal puppy, but her story is far from being known. Cleo is a 6-year-old husky who wasn’t lucky enough to be from the first part of a family she wanted.  

5 years ago, I went to work in a village at a distance of 23 km from Timisoara, where there was a family with a large number of dogs. Every day, working there, I noticed that these dogs had no water, no food, and no living conditions, they were bound and tormented. One day, when I was going to work, I saw the owners take the puppy, my future love, and throw it over the fence with a chain around its neck. 

Instantly, I left everything I had and went to save her as soon as I could, trying to call the police to announce what was going on. No one helped me, they said it was just a dog.I tried to release her, but being very scared, she was shaking, and it was a fight until I stabilized the situation. I managed to take it, to comfort it, my soul became so full of emotion that I gave up the working day, and I did everything possible to take care of it. There was no transport to the city, I urgently needed a veterinarian, I wanted her to be consulted as soon as possible, to be checked by ticks, mites, and other parasites, to save her from the ordeal she had lived in. I called the taxi, and explained the situation to them, but no one accepted an animal in the car. Finally, I managed to go to the city, thanks to a lady who told me the most beautiful words: “Animals are the angels of the soul, she chose you, child”. In the lady’s car, Cleo began to cry, in pain, in fear that she would receive the same treatment she had with her old family. But I had already promised myself that she would never feel the beating, the chains, or the days in the rain and the torments. 

On a more Athens examination, my Cleo was not only tied and unchained, it was beaten, bruized, with the right-back limb broken long ago, poorly welded. At the veterinarian, many other problems were observed. At that moment, I knew that she would be all mine, and I would give her peace and happiness.  

She had a scar on his abdomen, following a brawl, where her entire nipple chain had broken. She was badly sutured, full of ticks, and parasites, had no microchip, never vaccinated, very scared, and anorexic. 

After the visit to the VET, Cleo made a gesture that melted my heart. I was sitting in front of the cabinet, worried that I didn’t know where to start, and she put her nose on my chest, and she started to sigh. From that moment on, we are inseparable. I introduced her to her new family, where she would never feel the chain again, or days without food.at home,, I already had a shar-pei, Arcan, with which she became inseparable. They’re best friends, they run together, they play, they sleep together, they eat together, and she feels happy. Her fur has changed, she has grown, she is a happy, big, full of energy husky, whom I love with all my heart.

If I could express how much these animals mean to me, it would not last me a lifetime.

3 months after Cleo got to the new family, I was pleasantly surprised to find out at the veterinary check-up that she was pregnant. I had two wonderful puppies, a husky with shar-pei, whom I will love all my life with everything I have.  

If ever, an opportunity or an abandoned puppy, a mocked puppy, do not ignore it, because they will always give you unconditional love and pure respect. This is my story about Cleo. I, a student of veterinary medicine, wish from my heart to see people choose pure and complex souls around them, who by a simple glance are melted and drawn entirely to their purity. When Cleo raises her blue eyes to me, nothing is around me, only the happiness that I was there at the moment of waiting, and that I chose to give him the best and happiest life. 

There are infinite possibilities to be happy, to feel appreciated and loved, just a little bit away. I hope we all have the opportunity to feel the love these animals give us, and to revisit a news story that has a happy ending.

The family that tormented the puppy and the rest of the animals was visited by the animal police along with me. The moment I told them that they would receive the fine and all the dogs would be taken and given for adoption, they started to argue and threaten to pay me, because this is how the animals are kept closed and taught to be evil. 

In the end, Cleo is happy and beautiful, and she has forgotten the life she lived 5 years ago, a life I don’t wish for any soul on earth, and I wish I could save them all, give them what they deserve. 

I hope you will have liked my story, and we hear, of course, other adventures of “life as a student in veterinary medicine”, because it is filled with endless stories and experiences. 

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