Reviews on Dog Products from Amazon

Harness & Leaches  


Even though I’ve had professional assistance, my dog has always dragged like a bus. I’ve also tried  

several different anti-pull collars & harnesses, all to no avail. 

At last, I decided to buy a PetSafe harness from Amazon, and it appears to be effective!! 

Without a doubt, it is an excellent harness.  

I had a terrible time taking my dog for walks since he was so heavy (he weighed over 60 pounds) and would pull my shoulder out of the joint whenever he noticed something that needed to be inspected or chased. The fact that I clipped the leash to the front meant that he would get twisted around towards me, which annoyed him very quickly and caused him to quit pulling!!! 

But the harness appears rigid and solid, and the straps and padded portions all feel smoother than I imagined – making them more pleasant for my dog. Some of the plastic clip belts I’ve seen have been flimsy, but these are not. The handles are not easily adjustable – however, on the other hand, they do not slip when in use, unlike several other bags I’ve owned in the past. 

He likes the tiny size, and he plans to use it over his wool coat this season. I appreciate the inclusion of multiple elastic parts beneath the straps, which help to decrease the impact of a quick jolt from the dog. (While it is inevitable that the elastic will wear out over time, the fabric straps continue behind the elastic, indicating that the harness will still be usable.) 

It’s incredible, and I’m looking forward to taking him for outings now. For the record, I tried several other strategies to encourage him to walk more pleasantly before settling on this one, but this one proved to be the most effective because he is pretty obstinate. 

Dog Collars  


After deliberating for so long on a dog collar, I eventually settled on KRUZ PET & I am pleased with my choice of buying such a lovely dog collar from Amazon.  

For starters, I am completely smitten with the bright green color! In person, it appears to be quite bright and vibrant, which is ideal for helping me locate my all-black dog! His location has become much more apparent as a result of this. Compared to the plethora of matching dog collars available, this one stands out. 

The metal dog tag band is beautiful and durable, and the silver belt buckle is also of high quality. Even though the clip is made of plastic, the pin appears highly durable. My only complaint is that these metal parts can make your dog’s collar tags rattle more than they should be expected to. 

After reading some reviews that claimed the collar became loose when walking, I was apprehensive about purchasing this. Although my dog is not a strong puller, I recommend that you invest in a harness if your dog is one of them. Nonetheless, after taking a walk with my dog, the collar seemed to be in good condition and did not loosen for me. 

Before purchasing this collar, I bought the Black Rhino Comfort collar. Although it was a perfect collar, it felt far too large, cumbersome, and heavy for my smaller dog. This collar is the ideal size, and it’s also relatively lightweight for the occasion. The bottom line is that you cannot get mistaken with this collar! 



I highly recommend MidWest Homes’ Kennel! 

This kennel I brought from amazon is long-lasting and easy to assemble. The installation was simple, and we could easily transport it. My puppy likes to bite on the metal bars (which I discourage, but it’s unavoidable), and thus far, there hasn’t been a mark. Not to add how convenient the detachable plastic tray is for mopping up puppy puddles! 

The separator is what sets these boxes apart. We expected a kennel that would allow our dog to roam around. Our dog is a cockapoo who will be labeled as “little” until fully grown. The “little” is just eight weeks! It is where the divider enters the picture. We reduced the usable section significantly, making it ideal for our puppy to snuggle. We can also move the partition away from him as he develops and becomes house-trained. 

We love this kennel so much because of the reasonable price Amazon offers. We ended up buying two of them. One of them is joined to an exercise pen to provide a large enough area for our dog to play in. He can take naps in the crate and then freely walk around the exercise area – excellent for any time he needs to be alone! We acquired the second crate so he could sleep in our bedrooms at night. It’s only 22″ long, so it’s easy to transport and store in the backseat of a car. 



My husband and I purchased this bed on Amazon from Furhaven, and it is exceptionally well-made and sturdy for the price. Only time can tell how well it will hold up to frequent use, yet our two dogs, each weighing 120 pounds, have been able to sit comfortably on it without it sagging beneath their weight. The Boxer snores loudly in approval when it takes us to write this review! If our two children begin to sleep apart more frequently, we will get a twin bed, but for the time being, they like to snuggle close, & the giant size bed is sufficient for them to do so. 

Dog Food 


With two dogs, it was challenging to find an excellent, dependable, but reasonably priced sort of dog food that they would approve of, yet they both adore this! Since I’ve shifted on Iams from Amazon, there has been absolutely no vomit, runny poops, or messes in my place! When we buy inferior brands, one of my two kids always has an issue with them, but this is honestly the best dog food we’ve ever bought from Amazon! I’m overjoyed!  

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