Most Interesting ways to play with your dog this Summer

By: Olamaid Nasir

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to keep your dog occupied and out of mischief? Or maybe you’re sick of seeing your dog sighing continuously on your sofa since it has nothing to play with. If you belong to this category, you might want to incorporate a few enjoyable games into your dog’s daily routine. Playing games with your dog keeps them active, occupied, and out of danger. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun for you and your dog.

Don’t know where to begin? No worries, we’ve compiled a collection of fun dog games for you to enjoy. But, of course, playing is just as vital to them as going for a regular stroll, so keep reading to discover some fun ways you can engage your dog!

Hide and seek.

We all loved playing hide and seek as kids, so why not do it with your dog and let your inner child out? Dogs love this game, and they never get tired of it. The hide and seek game is a fun and stimulating method for your dog to exercise some of their natural smell tracking talents.

You can start the game by telling your dog to stay first while finding somewhere to hide. Then, once you’ve found a good spot, call your dog and give it a treat when it locates you.

Tug of war

A tug of war is a frequent game to play with your dog. It gets even more interesting when you get it a new toy to pull on as it makes the game more enjoyable and exciting for him. The tug is a dog’s favorite game by far. It’s an entertaining, engaging, healthy physical exercise and a fantastic method for dogs to work on their manners.

The game is a way to make your dog understand some boundaries around playing with people. For example, while playing the rig of war and your dog’s fangs come into contact with your skin, call the game off. This helps them realize that biting the wrong person is terrible. Most dogs, especially puppies, get fired up during this game and may struggle with keeping up with the rules compared to others.

Frisbee and the game of Fetch

Dogs have long loved the game of fetch for years, and they still do. It is a great way to move your dog’s muscles and brain. It can improve your dog’s behavior while strengthening your bond with him. Frisbee is another enjoyable game to do with your dog. It is an advanced version of fetch since it encourages your dog to chase after an object(a ball) over long distances. Frisbee is a fantastic way for dogs who naturally want to exercise and have fun doing so.

The game involves throwing a disc over a long distance for your dog to retrieve and rewarding it afterward. You can start with a soft disc if your dog is utterly new to Frisbee. This is because traditional plastic frisbees are rough and may hit your dog in the face while it’s trying to catch it. This could make your dog completely lose interest in the game. To get your dog’s full attention in the game of Frisbee, practice tossing it short distances first, and when they begin to chase it and follow it around, encourage them with a little treat. Then, increase the distance and start tossing it after your dog is excited to chase it.

Water Games

If your dog enjoys being in the water, then you guys will make the finest beach buddies. You can spend hours playing catch on land and in the water. You don’t necessarily have to go to the beach to play water games; you can also use a small pool or sprinkler to have as much water fun as possible.

Using Stuffed Kong & Food-Dispensing Toys

One of the simplest activities to play with your dog is to use a stuffed Kong or some food dispensing toys. It’s entertaining and encourages them to use some natural scavenging abilities. Give your dog a plush Kong if they become a little stressed as you leave for work in the morning.

Food dispensing toys, such as the Bob-A-Lot, are excellent for providing additional mental activity to your dog during mealtime. They have to bang it about to get the food out once you load it up. If your dog has never used a food-dispensing toy before, you may need to give them some practice. Encourage them to play with it once you’ve filled it up so they can see how ‘oh look, food comes out when I move it around.

Chasing Bubbles

Teaching your dog to chase bubbles is one of the most entertaining games you can play with it. You can start the game by blowing a few bubbles at a time if your dog is new to the game.

Next, encourage it to chase after each bubble by pointing them out. Then, catch a few yourself to demonstrate to your dog that there’s no need to be concerned and that the game’s goal is to catch them before they fall to the ground.

Wrapping Up

Dogs, like humans, are prone to boredom. It’s even worse if you’re a pet parent who has to leave them at home while you go to work. Playing games with your dog is not only enjoyable for your dog but also enjoyable for you. Being completely focused on your dog can help you engage your mind and relieve tension. And, of course, the connection you create with your dog during playing will remain for the rest of their lives and yours. It’s a nice approach to let go of anything unpleasant that happened or to relieve any tension your dog may have accumulated after a long day. To live a healthy lifestyle, everyone requires some form of exercise. It aids in maintaining a healthy body, and dogs are no exception, as they also need exercise to maintain good health.

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