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Tips to Successfully Training How to Walk Dog On a Leash

The joy of coming home to your pet is highly comforting and exciting. While there are myriad reasons to own a dog, it is crucial to train your dog how to walk in different aspects to make life easy and enjoyable for you as a pet owner.

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Training your walking dogs on a leash is an important skill. To prepare your dog to walk calmly on a leash, here are some fundamental guidelines and dog walking tips to follow:

Picking The Suitable Collar And Leash

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Picking the right collar and leash ensures your dog feels fine wearing it and has no discomfort. This is the first thing to consider, as your dog needs to feel good with the material right from the beginning. Look out for good brands, a well-fitting collar or harness, and a sturdy and comfortable leash. This will make a world of difference during the entire training process and after, both for you and your furry animal.

Be Patient And Gentle – How To Walk A Dog That Pulls


Training your dog will not happen overnight or in a few days. Consider training your dog like a parent who is raising a child. It takes a lot of time to get a baby into a routine and to teach them different life skills. Similarly, every dog is additional, and it could take longer for some of them than others to get comfortable walking with a leash. Don’t rush through the training process; don’t give up on your dog. Take it one day at a time, and you will be surprised how your dog adapts to new routines and habits. In the initial training days, your dog must feel easy and comfortable. So don’t yank or drag your dog on the leash. This will lead to discomfort, and you will eventually find that your dog dislikes going out on the leash.

Start Indoors

Begin training your dog indoors with fewer distractions and a space familiar to you and your dog. Start by attaching the leash to your dog’s collar several times during the day so that it gets used to how it feels. A great way to encourage your dog is to reward him with treats and cuddles so that they begin to like it. After feeling comfortable indoors, you can slowly move the training outdoors. Once again, start by taking your dog to a familiar and quieter space with fewer distractions.

Be Consistent

Training your dog can seem challenging over time, but it is essential to be regular with this. Your dog will need to be trained consistently and timely to learn fast. If your training is sporadic, your dog will be confused, and preparing them won’t be easy. You will need to start with short walks during the day and gradually increase the duration of the walks regularly.

Teach Your Dog To Come To You

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One of the first things to teach your dog is to come to you when on a leash. If the they walk away up to the end of the leash or if it stays behind, use a cue to call it closer to you. When the dog comes closer, you can reward the dog with a treat to encourage this behaviour. Sometimes if your dog wants to sniff and go toward objects that attract them, allow it to sniff for a while before calling them back.

Teach Your Dog To Heel

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This teaches your dog to walk next to you. This way, he will learn to walk at your pace. To prepare your dog to heel, as mentioned in the previous step, you must teach them to come to you. Walk your dog on a loose leash, stop and say ‘Heel,’ and direct him to go and stand next to you. Keep practicing until your dog gets this instruction, and reward him when he does it right.

Stop And Go

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You must stop and be still when your dog pulls. Do every single time the dog pulls to make her/him understand that it is not ok to pull when he/she wants to go somewhere. Continue walking only when your dog does not pull the leash. Positive reinforcement is the key to successfully training your dog to leash walk. You can do this by giving treats, pats, and encouraging gestures due to positive behaviour. Following these guidelines will surprise you with how well your dog learns to walk comfortably on a leash.

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