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There are a million reasons why you may need a Best Gates For Dogs. Are you trying to keep your new naughty pup from getting into trouble? Or are you trying to block off access to a room that your boisterous husky has gone berserk on? Do you have a senior or injured dog that could easily get hurt from tumbling down the stairs and injuring itself further? Your reason could be just as simple as mopping the floor and trying to prevent curious little paws from ruining your efforts.

Whatever your reasons, you need the Best Gates For Dogs to block certain areas you don’t want your pup in. Not all pet gates are created equal; some are better than others. We have gone through a list of the best pet gates and have settled on these eight products as our top picks. Whether you’re looking for a baby gate for stairs, wide openings, doors, or playpens, this product review should help you.

8 Best Baby Gates For Dogs

top piks dog gates
Image Product Details   Price
1 (1) Cumbor baby
gates for
30.5″ Tall
View Amazon
Richell Wood Baby Gates for Dogs Richell Wood
Baby Gates
for Dogs
Autumn Matte
Item Weight
16 Pounds
View Amazon
3 (1) Carlson Extra
Tall Baby
Dog Gate
36 x 29 inches
View Amazon
PETMAKER – Dog Gate for Doorways PETMAKER
Dog Gate
for Doorways
Item Weight
8.43 Pounds
View Amazon
5 (1) Panel Freestanding
Wooden Pet
Wood, Rubber,
Medium Density
Best Choice Products
Item Dimensions LxWxH
60.5 x 0.75 x 31.5 inches
Item Weight
27 Pounds
View Amazon
6 (1) Easy Walk Thru
Dog Gate
for Stairs
Mounting Type
Pressure Mount
View Amazon
7 (1) Carlson Product
Dog Gate
Black Finish
With Cherry
Wood Accents
Item Weight
12 Pounds
View Amazon
8 (1) Mypets North
States Pet
vinyl-coated wire
Natural Finish
Mounting Type
Pressure Mount
View Amazon

Cumbor Baby Gates For Dogs – Indoor

The Cumbor baby gate for dogs is large enough for you and your dog to walk through comfortably. Thanks to its double-lock safety release, your pets and babies are safe with this gate, which makes it difficult for even the most seasoned canine escapist to break free.


  • Durable steel design able  to withstand 150 pounds of dog weight
  • It is 30.5” tall and 29.5-46” wide
  • Requires a simple pressure mounting for installations
  • Can fit into most stairs, hallways, doorways and open spaces

Richell Wood Baby Gates for Dogs – Wide Dog Gates

The Richell wood dog gate is low enough for you to step over easily yet still high enough to keep your pup safely tucked away. This pet gate is strictly designed for pets alone. It is made from high-quality wood and wireframes. This pet gate is a must-have for parents with escape artist canines.


  • Freestanding design that can be placed anywhere in your house
  • Side panels fold nicely for easy transport and storage
  • Can fit into doorways with openings that are 39.8” to 71.3” wide
  • Features rubber feet to protect your floor from scratches and skid marks

Carlson Extra Tall Baby Dog Gate – Dog Gates For large

The Carlson extra tall pet gate is specially designed for large and tall breeds. With this high pet gate, your dog cannot jump over. This dog gate is made from strong, non-corrosive steel, is easy to set up and can be installed in any doorway or stairway of your house without any tools.


  • It has a pet door to let small dogs in
  • This pet gate is 36” tall and can fit into openings that are 29-36.5 wide
  • Has a pressure mount design that is easy to set up and gentle on walls
  • This pet gate has an easy close-door feature that is sturdy

PETMAKER – Dog Gate for Doorways – Expandable

The PetMaker dog gate is an accordion-style pet gate made from high-quality wood and is easily retractable. It has a beautiful grey colour and a modern, stylish design. This pet gate is lightweight, foldable for easy movement and has a minimalist look that would complement any indoor interior décor.


  • This gate does not require installation into walls or floors
  • It is 24” tall and is suitable for openings that are 46-60” wide
  • Made from wood and has non-corrosive metal hinges
  • This pet is freestanding; making it easy to set up in seconds

Panel Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate – Pressure Mounted

Have you been looking for a pet gate built with a convenient swing-open door that makes it easy to let them in and out without hassle? The Best Choice pet gate is the one to get. This fence-styled pet gate has an access door with a safety lock designed to keep your nosy canine out of the way.


  • Has a wooden and medium-density fiberboard frame, and durable metal hinges
  • It features support feet for stability
  • This pet gate comes attached already; no assembly is required
  • Features 360-degree doubles that connect all panels; easy to fold

Easy Walk Thru Dog Gate for Stairs – Walk Through Dog Gate

The Easy Walk Thru Dog Gate for Stairs is a small fence-like gate designed for small pets to comfortably walk through, thanks to its pet door. This pet gate is perfect to be placed at doorways, the bottom of stairs, hallways, the kitchen, and even bedrooms.


  • Fits into openings that are 29.5-40.5” wide
  • Made from a heavy-duty, durable steel
  • Features a double-lock system for extra safety
  • It is pressure mounted and does not require any drilling to install

Carlson Product Dog Gate – Tension Gate For Dogs

If you have a tastefully furnished house and need a luxurious pet gate that keeps your little troublemaker out of the way, the Carlson Product Dog Gate is for you. This dog gate is beautifully designed with cherry wood accents and has a frame with a black finish.


  • This pet gate is 30” tall and 30.5-33.5 inches’ wide
  • Features a one-touch release safety lock
  • Simple to set up; no tools require
  • The gate folds flat for easy storage

Mypets North States Pet Gate – Best For Wide Openings

The Mypets north states pet gate is proudly assembled in the USA, and its quality and standards are top-notch. You can keep your beloved furry babe contained and safe in any room with its dog gate. It is designed to work with modern-day moulding and blends nicely into the interior décor of any home.


  • Made from durable hardwood and vinyl-coated wire mesh
  • This is 37″ tall; perfect for dogs that like to jump
  • Features durable rubber bumpers that are easy on your walls
  • It has an easy pressure-mount design

Best Gates for Dogs: Buying Guide

Having a dog in the house brings an unexplainable joy that only pet owners can relate to. We simply adore and dote fiercely on them. But sometimes, they can be underfoot and try out patience from time to time. And in those moments, you want to keep them away safely so you can go about your activities without disturbance.

Whether you have a cat that has just had her litter, or you are entertaining visitors, and you want to keep your curious and naughty dog out of the way, you need the best dog gate to achieve this feat, especially if your dog is a seasoned escape artist. You need detailed information on how to go about choosing the best one. This buying guide will provide all the necessary information you need to make an informed buying decision. Enjoy!

What are the types of baby gates for dogs?


These gates are designed to stand independently without any attachment or mountings to walls or floors. They are usually built with extra support to be sturdy and freestanding.

These pet gates are popular among pet owners because they will not cause damage to walls or skid marks on floors. I’ll advise that you choose a freestanding dog gate if you have calm or small dogs; bigger and more active dogs will have no trouble toppling it over.


Adjustable tension gates are designed to apply pressure to the wall to tighten and stabilize the gate. They are not attached to the wall directly and will not damage your walls. Tension dog gates are a little more complicated to install than regular gates.

If the tension is not done in the correct order, the gate will not stay upright and strong. If you are a first-time pet owner, this dog gate may be tricky to set up.


These types of dog gates are designed with several panels hinged together. They are usually freestanding, and the hinges make these pet gates easily fold into different configurations.

You can even turn them into playpens that keep your canine contained outdoors or in open spaces. Hinged dog gates are also a great option for pet owners who spend a lot of time outdoors or travelling; they fold nicely for easy storage.


These dog gates are adjustable tension gates, but they have a small swinging door. Some swinging doors are designed to be small for pets alone, and others may be large enough for you to walk through comfortably.

Walkthrough gates are perfect for parents who own escape artists as pets. If you have a large, boisterous dog(s) and want to keep them from accessing certain areas, walkthrough gates may be the best option for you.

How do I choose the best pet gates for my dogs?


When choosing the best dog gate for your beloved canine, you first want to consider where you’d be placing it and how frequently you’ll need to pass the gated area yourself. Do you want to be stepping over it? Or you’d prefer one with a walkthrough gate?

The type and style of pet gate you buy depends on its placement and frequency of use. For instance, the pet gate you use for stairs will differ from the one used for wider openings. Consider these factors carefully before choosing the best one for you and your pup.


How long your pet gate lasts depends on the quality of the material used in making it. Some popular materials used in making baby gates for dogs are wood, plastic, metal or a combination of mesh and other materials.

Your dog’s personality should influence your choice of material. For instance, a wooden or plastic pet gate may not be the best choice if your dog is a vigorous chewer. And if you have a large dog who loves to jump over or escape confinement, you need a sturdy metal or wooden pet gate.


The size of a dog gate should be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best baby gates for your dog. So how tall should a dog gate be? The answer to this question depends on the size of your doorway, the gap you need to block, your dog’s size, and its jumping ability.

To get an idea of the ideal pet gate for you, measure the size of the area you want to block. The general rule of thumb for choosing dog gates is that the height could be anywhere around 20-40”. In terms of width, some dog gates can cover gaps as high as 80”. Ensure that you know the right measurement of the space you want to block before choosing a dog gate.


What’s the point of buying a pet gate if it gets destroyed every other week? You want to choose a dog gate made from the finest material and of premium quality that would last you for years. The best dog gate should be able to do its job and keep your canine in or out of specific places.


Are you handy at installing things? Do you have a knack or get a kick out of putting things together with the guide of a user manual? Then choosing a pet gate that requires some installation may excite you.

If you’re like me, with thumbs for fingers and can’t tell apart this end from that, you may want to consider getting a pet gate for dogs that do not require any installation.


 Make sure that the dog gate you choose has an effective locking mechanism that is easy to use. The last thing you want is a gate that isn’t secure enough and opens at the slightest nudge from your intelligent furry baby. You want a gate that is easy to unlock but difficult for your canine.

You must thoroughly check for any sharp edges that could injure your pup. Should also look out for too-wide or too-narrow fences in which your dog’s head could get stuck.


Naturally, you don’t want a dog gate with a colour or design that sticks out of your home décor like a sore thumb. You want to go for one that complements your interior décor nicely. Dog gates with minimalistic designs and colours usually blend nicely into your home’s ambience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tall should my dog gate be?

A: The height of the dog gate you get depends on the height of your dog and its activity level. Generally, for tall and energetic dogs, look out for gates that are 35-40″ tall, and for smaller breeds, gates with a height of around 20″ will suffice.

Q: What type of dog gate can I choose for a chewer?

A: If your dog bites into and chews everything, the best type of dog gate for it is one made from metal or steel. It is sturdy and will discourage any chewing attempt made by your dog.

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