Adapting to Change with Five Dogs

When it comes to changes happening in the household, it’s not always easy for our dogs and us. A great example is how our home renovations started a week ago. With all the people coming in and out of the house, the disordered furniture, the dirt, and the noise, it’s incredibly stressful.

If you’re wondering if it’s chaos, it is. Not only has it disrupted my routine, but it also disrupted my dogs’ routine.

But alas, as stressful as it is, we must make a little sacrifice here and there. Eventually, everything will be expected, and it’ll be a cozy home for my family and five dogs.

Two’s A Company, Three’s A Crowd, Five’s a Family

Here’s a bit of a background about my dogs. All of them are Labrador Chow-Chow mixes. They are somewhat of a family of their own, as we initially only got two of them after our geriatric dogs passed away. We got a boy and a girl; they were only two months old since they arrived in their new home. I guess you can imagine what happened next. Almost a year later, they sprouted seven puppies! Out of the seven, we only kept three: two boys and one girl. Suddenly, we lived with five dogs as part of our family. All are cute, loyal, loving, and stubborn in their little way.

First, there was Bubbie — he’s the Alpha and the father. The second was Poochi; she’s the mother. And there’s Bo, Gremlin, and Panda (the girl). I know, Gremlin as a dog’s name seems quite strange. But that’s because when he was a puppy, he had these big black pointy ears and a small face that resembled a Gremlin’s — when they were cute, mind you, and not the ugly monsters they turned out to be. Regardless of his name, though, he’s adorable!

They smother me with all their love, sometimes jumping on me in their excitement to see me. They’re also brilliant as they know how to communicate by giving cues and using body language. Most of all, they’re clingy, to the point of not knowing anything about personal space! But it’s all part of why I love them so much!

A Day in Our Dogs’ Lives

My dogs usually have their routine. In the early morning, they wake up and play in the garage, running back and forth and wrestling. They have a lot of physical activity during this time, so they get enough exercise. Once they’re done with their business, they come back inside my room and sleep most of the day. We’ve set up their dog beds beside ours. Since they’re large, though, we had to get a few they could share! So we got two large pet beds from Magic Dog, which were perfect for them.

Gremlin loves anything soft and fluffy, so he rolls around in it whenever he gets the chance. The others are pretty okay with it, but Bubbie seems to like the cold floor more, so he often doesn’t stay too long on their bed.

Of course, with large dogs, it’s essential to give them good dog food that provides them with the proper nutrition. We feed them dry kibble and occasional wet food, especially since Panda’s quite a picky eater. They love Wellness Core’s chicken & turkey dry dog food and Beef & Carrots wet dog food — they lap it all up in minutes! Wellness Core’s Chicken & Turkey dry dog food is an ideal choice for customers who love to see their pup lick up every last morsel. This high-protein recipe is made with real chicken and turkey, plus a blend of other wholesome ingredients that are perfectly balanced for optimal nutrition. Not only will your pup love the taste, but you can also feel good about giving them a meal full of the nutrients they need!

Beef & Carrots wet dog food is ideal for customers looking to give their pets a complete and balanced meal. The combination of beef and carrots provides plenty of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for an active and healthy lifestyle. This meal is especially beneficial for those with picky eaters since it offers the perfect blend of flavors to entice even the most finicky pup. Plus, the wet form helps keep your pet hydrated while providing the taste they love. With Beef & Carrots wet dog food, you can be sure you’re giving your pet a delicious and nutritious meal they’ll enjoy every time. We feed them twice a day, lunch and dinner. And in the kitchen, they have their little areas, sitting and waiting while giving us those puppy dog eyes that say, “Feed us!” But most of the time, they behave.

We put their food down one after the other, with Bubbie being the first and Gremlin being the last. We must monitor their eating, especially when younger, to encourage good habits and avoid fighting or snatching from each other’s bowls.

After lunch, they go on a little siesta until late afternoon. Our country is usually hot and humid, so they can only relax during this time. I sometimes take Bubbie out for a walk since he’s the only one who loves it. Black Rhino offers a variety of stylish and functional dog accessories to meet your pup’s needs. From durable leashes and collars to comfortable harnesses and muzzles, you can find something perfect for your beloved companion. With their quality materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, you can trust that their products will hold up against daily wear and tear. I got him a red dog collar and leash from Black Rhino. The moment he sees me holding it, he jumps towards me so I can put it on his neck.

Towards the evening, they’re awake again to play with each other. I guess all the excitement for dinner starts to build up during this time, too, because they’re usually more hyper! Then after dinner, they finally begin to wind down. Eventually, they fall asleep to prepare for a new day.

Renovations = Collective Stress

While it has been quite a challenging week, I’m amazed at how my dogs have quickly adapted. We don’t use dog crates, so we usually move them to different rooms as renovations continue. We also stay inside most of the day to keep everyone safe.

But even though they have adapted quickly, I admit it hasn’t been easy. The other day, I was stressed and anxious about this ordeal. The loud banging and clanging disturbed my work and my thinking process, and I just felt very overwhelmed. Poochi seems to have sensed my stress and anxiety. She started growling and snarling at all the noise as she sat beside me. We couldn’t see what was happening outside the room, but she looked toward the door.

She then started following me. She sat next to me when I sat on the bed and even jumped on my bed. When I was back at my desk, she settled down next to my feet, even if there was little space for her to do so. That was when I knew she was stressed out, too. It was as if both of us found comfort in our shared temperaments.

At that moment, I realized how not only do dogs adapt to their environment, but they do adapt to my emotions as well. It’s incredible how embedded their life was with mine and vice versa. We were a pack. And we took care of our own.

Immediately, I started to calm down. When Poochi showed me her care and loyalty, I appreciated having them in my life more. As their pack leader, I had to show strength and that they had nothing to worry about. I patted her and reassured her that it was all right.

And so we went on, adapting to our new routine for the next few weeks and taking it one day at a time.

Chaos Can Be Positive

When it comes to disruption, I learned that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s negative. Sometimes, we discover new things in ourselves and our fur family that bring out the best. It also helps deepen our bond as we go through changes together. By setting an example and keeping a positive attitude, nothing can be too tricky.

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