A Gift that Fell from the Sky

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If talking about stories, we all have one to tell throughout our lives. This story took place one summer. On a typical summer day, with the sun shining bright up, a girl went out to work as always. This girl lived in the busy place of the city, where people gather every day early to trade and tourist. On her way home, she traveled through her everyday pathways, past the bakery, turning right, walking two squares and turning right, one more square, then turning left until reaching the bookstore, and her home was next to the bookstore.

As the girl passed through the bookstore sidewalk to go home, something rolled down the bookstore´s awning tent. Like all ordinary people, the girl reflex caught the falling object. After a moment of surprise, the girl realized it was a kitten. The girl asked the people nearby if it was their kitten. Nobody answered, and nobody seemed interested. She took the kitten and asked through the neighborhood, only to return to the same place without an answer. A moment passed since, and the girl decided to take the kitten home because she knew it would not survive if she did not do so.

Examining the kitten, although it was a bit too small for its age, the girl got the clue that the kitten was about a month of age because it already had teeth. The kitten was frail and skinny, unwilling to move, seeming like it would break if handled too rude, and the girl was starting to get worried that something terrible might be happening to that kitten.

She took extra care of it that night. She put it in a little box with a blanket and a warm water bottle. The next day, the girl took the kitten to the vet early in the morning. After paying a visit to the vet, the girl left down the worries in her heart. The kitten was all good; it was just a bit underweight and dehydrated. It had a long journey ahead yet to be fully healthy. Without significant health issues, the girl returned the kitten and presented it to her family members. At that time, the girl already had other cats.

The older cats initially didn’t like the intruder and wanted to avoid it. The kitten had a very particular white fur pattern, besides its head, which had a piece of grey fur, making it look like a helmet. It resembled Sushi with nori on the top. So the kitten got the name Sushi.

During the first weeks, Sushi was very frightened because everything was unfamiliar, and maybe all seemed too big in its eyes. It would shrink back if the girl tried to pick it up too quickly or if the other cats approached it. If left alone, Sushi would have stayed in a corner as if hiding. A week passed, and the other cats started to approach the new kitten and sometimes play with it, and soon they accepted it as one of their own.

Sushi had to be bottle-fed three times a day with a unique formula that helped it gain weight, and the girl could tell it enjoyed it. It would automatically hold the bottle in place and start feeding on it. For the girl, it was a whole new experience; she had never had such a tiny kitten. Taking care of Sushi was tiring; it was like looking after a kid. She had to ensure that the formula wasn’t too hot or cold for Sushi and, most importantly, to feed it on time because if it passed the time, Sushi would start to meow as if whining.

The girl also had to ensure that Sushi did not sneak into dangerous places or go out to the balcony without supervision since they lived in an apartment. Paying extra care to it when it wanted to play with the other pets in the house, so it didn’t get injured was also a must. The girl had to groom Sushi daily with a wet towel to help it relieve just as its mother would. At nighttime, the girl had to make a cozy bed for Sushi to sleep in and make sure it didn’t get cold and feel safe.

Not much time passed, and Sushi soon learned to eat from the pot, its owner´s daily routine, among other things. They would wake up, have breakfast around 6 am, and then sleep as all cats do. Sometimes they played hide and seek for a bit before midday. After midday, it was their adventure time. Having elder cats at home helped Sushi to be a cat. The elder ones would hunt down bugs and show them to Sushi, and soon Sushi learned to do so too. Sushi also learned to climb up the bed and would nap with the girl in the evenings as their daily routine. At night after dinner, Sushi would sleep with the other cats.


Having Sushi in the family was kind of strange at first because all the pets the girl had at that time were already seniors; they were all more than eight years old. Sushi was a ball of delight, full of energy. It would run in the bedroom in the mornings and give kisses to the girl, then go to each of the cats and snuggle with them, asking them to provide it with a groom. Not to mention that Sushi was also very talkative; if the girl called its name, it would respond. Sushi started to show its bright personality as it grew up, making all the family members feel more youthful. Sushi liked to spend time with the girl on the balcony, both basking in the sun. The girl would sometimes look at Sushi and think she got a gift from the sky. Sushi would blink slowly back at her, and the girl knew that Sushi was thankful for her saving its life that day, and that girl was me.

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