Pet Life ‘Windmill’ Rotating Suction Cup Spinning Cat Toy


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1.Suctions to Floor and Wall Hard Surfaces such as Tiles and Glass and will not budge!
2.Features 2 Catnip Balls and a Flash Lighting Ball for engaging play activity
3.Swivels and Spins effortlessly, watch your cat swipe and spin the toy device
4.The ridges along the center swivel are perfect for cleaning teeth and removing Plaque and Gingivtus
5.Available in Multiple Colors

The Pet Life ® ‘Windmill’ Rotating Suction Cup Spinning Cat Toy suctions and grips to hard surfaces such as floors and glass and spins around at the swipe of a paw. Features dual-sided containers, one side includes 2 Catnip Balls and the other side features an LED Lighting Ball that together provide a fun and engaging experience. The above-centered axle contains specially designed ridges for massaging gums and brushing teeth that is also perfect for spreading toothpastes and gels onto for further cleaning teeth while removing Tartar and Plaque. The large suction cup features a pinch-to-release flap for convenient removal off hard surfaces. Available in Multiple Colors.

6.22 X 2.91 X 2.76

Weight 0.1497 kg
Dimensions 5.91 × 2.56 × 3.15 in

Blue, Yellow, Green


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