Nano-Silver Anti-Bacterial Neutral Carpentry Designer Dog Bed


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1.Durable Nylon-Mesh Chew-Tough Antibacterial Edges
2.Features Durable Dog Center
3.Neutral Tone great for most interiors
4.Waterproof and Skid-Proof Rubberized Backing
5.Nano-Silver Anti-Bacterial Edging

This Dog Bed Features Nano-Silver and Anti-Bacterial Eco-Friendly surrounding Chew-Tough Edges that are ever lasting. Composed of a Premium Carpentry center with a rubberized and Waterproof Anti-Skid bottom. Features a sleek naturistic tone that is great for all indoor settings and workable on all surfaces.

Sizing Measurements: (L x W x H)
33.8 x 22.4 x 4.2

Weight 6.7857 kg
Dimensions 6 × 18 × 23 in



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