Cactus Shape Dog Toothbrush Stick Puppy Dental Care Brushing Stick Effective Doggy Teeth Cleaning Massager Natural Rubber Bite Resistant Chew Toys


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1.Keep Your Dogs’ Oral Healthy and Fresh – The dog cactus toothbrush stick is designed as a tool that can clean the dog’s teeth while chewing. The dog cactus toothbrush toy is made of soft rubber to prevent damage to the dog’s gums, it can help them clean their teeth and protect them from oral disease
2.Warm Tips – Each dog suction cup toy we developed is only suitable for use on tiles, glass doors and refrigerator doors. Cannot be used normally on wooden floors, concrete floors, rough surfaces. This dog cactus toy is suitable for 10-50lb dogs. Our toys are made of natural rubber, so in order to de
3.New Upgraded Natural Rubber & Durable Materials – Dog cactus toothbrush stick toy is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly natural rubber. We have also upgraded the material to make it more durable than other similar dog toothbrushes. Dog chew toothbrushes are strong enough to withstand dog
4.Fun Design, Dog’s Favorite – Lovely shape, practical function, loved by dogs. The suction cup design allows the dog to focus on one place to play, and the cactus design allows snacks to be placed inside the toy, allowing the dog to obtain food through his own efforts. With the dog cactus toy, the do
5.Dental Hygiene – Teeth cleaning bristle brushing stick with raised ridges to massage gums and teeth for dog dental care.It can be used with any dog toothpaste to provide thorough cleaning to remove tartar and plaque Vet recommended for oral hygiene and dog teeth cleaning. Save money on vets bills an


Perfect for Large Dog from Weight 40 lbs to 90 lbs.
The pet doctor said as dogs are omnivores, so they are easy to get dental diseases which will caused malodorous breath, teeth exfoliated, even making a threaten to dog’s life.
This dog tooth brushing stick helps your pet not refuse tooth brush anymore!
Making your pet dog enjoy brush teeth!
Convenience to clean.
Help dogs to brush teeth easily.


Material: 100% Natural hard rubber
Weight: 0.77lbs (12.34 ounces)
Size: 3.9 x 5.9 x 1.6 in


Using steps:
1. Squeeze toothpaste into the hole on the top of the dog toothbrush and then let the toothpaste flow into the tank and come out from the small holes along the bristles.
2. Let your dog to chew it under your supervision, 3-5 minutes each time.
3. In order to clean the dog’s teeth more effectively, we recommend replace a new toothbrush every two months.


Package List:
1 x Cactus Dog Toothbrush Stick


Weight 0.3538 kg
Dimensions 6.7 × 4.73 × 1.97 in



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