How to potty train a new puppy – All you need to know

Cuddling with puppies is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. That feeling of a fulfilled, satisfied, happy and healthy is so adorable that you can’t stop having them. According to my personal experiences, there’s no reason anyone wouldn’t like to have a pet dog instead of home hygiene. Yeah, bro, you are not alone in this issue that they poop anywhere and eat them too. Right?

potty train a new puppy

But learning how to train them at the right time is the wisest step you would take if you really wish to have one. If you are also researching that one perfect article or blog, where you get all the necessary information in a short and summarized article, which is reader-friendly, you have landed to the right place.

I would not give you knowledge and tips that are already provided on the internet. Instead, today I m going to share my own genuine and tried methods with Vini (my pet) by the time when she was just 12 weeks .

It was obvious that she didn’t know any rules and pooped in my room accidentally. Not intentionally, just she wasn’t taught these disciplines and regulations before. I wiped off her feces for the first two days but obviously, it wasn’t possible always.

Training needed to be done as soon as possible.

How my state of mind works I kept a towel in her place and made her pee and poop there a few times. What the basic nature of Vini was that now whenever she wanted to pee and poop, smelling the pooped towel she got the vibes and she herself start reaching over there and then after did the potty over that towel only then after.

This was the very basic nature of my puppy that I caught up with Very easily making them a habit and proper schedule is the very essence that every pet owner must know.

Dogs have a very excellent sense of smell, seeing, and hearing. The quicker you convey the idea that there is an approved place to potty that is off-limits, the quicker you’ll be able to put this messy confusion behind you.

A good thing is that dogs can hold their bladders depending on their age. Let me tell you a quick rule which is applied to all the dogs within seven months. The months in which the puppy is +1 is the number of hours for which that puppy can hold its bladder. Exciting, isn’t it? You would discover more facts once you have a pet.

observe and supervise daily events and set a schedule and monitor them according to your convenience. It’s easy, trust me.

All you need is to create a loving and affectionate bond with your pet. With the idea of keeping the pooped towel, I made Vinni’s particular place. This was just a schedule, discipline also needs to be taught that pooping and peeing isn’t allowed in the home.

When you come to know the schedule that when doing the puppy poop during the day, take the puppy outside the house at that time. Make sure, you are not going to play with your pet outside, so stand bored ( no talking, no activity nothing ) so that the puppy gets the fact that this is a potty break and not the playtime. Then he will not be diverted because if it happens so, then your pet would not poop that time and when you get back him to the house, he would poop later .

Following is the time when you should take your pet for a poop walk –  

  1. After they wake up 
  1. Before sleep 
  1. After eating 
  1. After exercise and playing 

NOTE – if accidentally, the puppy potty inside the house, make a hard tone to say NO and then take him outside the house. So that the puppy gets the point that inside pooping is totally restricted and outside pooping is allowed and is praised for him.

That was how I trained my vini🤝

spend more time inside the house with your dog and less outside so that he understands that inside his house and then he won’t soil his own house. # set alarms at night according to the bladder holding capacity of the pet so that you don’t get the pee smell early morning. # control the diet of your pet as it may lead them to constipation and there may be blood in their poop after it.

Also, even if your puppy is already trained, still keep them in practice as puppies are young and may tend to forget easily.

It was all how I maintained Vinni’s hygiene and spent the most relaxing and comfortable moments of my day with her. She is no more with me but making her even a part of my life changed my mindset totally. She made me believe that love really exists today also.

Pets make us learn the most important things in life –

Friendship, love, loyalty, and affection.

My friends, you should definitely have one, they are really pure souls.

Hope my experiences helped you out!

Frequently asked questions by the pet owners –

How long does the puppy potty training take

Answer – it depends on the age, your methods, and your care. Generally, it takes about 2-3 months.

Should I clean the private area of my pet after pooping and peeing?

Answer – yes, maintaining hygiene is a must.

Why does my dog eat his own feces?

Answer – he may do it when he feels that he needs some kind of vitamin or he might do this when he has “messed up” by pooping in the house and doesn’t want to get scolded for that. The only solution is clean the poop immediately or take your pet away from that place once he has done pooping.

Why does my pet urinate and drink a lot suddenly?

Answer – your pet may be pregnant or may be suffering from some disease like diabetes or Cushing’s disease. You must refer a veterinary doctor.

Thanks, me later reviewing this article. ❤

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