Pet Life ‘Swasher’ Shampoo Dispensing Massage and Bathing Brush


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1.Dispenses Liquid Shampoo or Conditioner at the Press of the top while Brushing and Massaging their coats
2.Features Durable and Flexible Bristles that gently comb their coats
3.Simply Pour Shampoo or Condioner into the Large Built-in Storage Chamber
4.Creates an unbelievable Lather and is more effective and less harmful that using conventional brushes when bathing
5.Contoured rubberized handle grip for premium control. Available in Multiple Colors

The Pet Life ® ‘Swasher’ Shampoo Dispensing Massage and Bathing Brush features in inner Shampoo or Conditioner storage container that dispenses Shampoo by pressing the top of the bathing brush creating a single handed washing experience. Features soft and flexible Massing Bristles that is soft on skin and easier on hair follicles. The Swasher bristles are also strong enough to remove Knots and Tangles while providing a wonderful lather while bathing. The Bristles are the perfect length for brushing your pets top coat while penetrating the bottom fibers on their bottom coat. Features a contoured design with gripped edging for premium control and handling that also reduces slippage.

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