Pet Life ‘Sticky-Swipe’ Interactive Suction Cup Kitty Cat Toy


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1.This unique Cat Toy Sticks to Glass and certain Hard Surfaces anf Floors
2.Features 3-Mini Wiffle Balls that Cats can Swipe at that roll inside a fun inner circular maze
3.Composed of a Lightweight EVA Material that is very durable and doesn’t scratch or tear
4.Easy to Assemble and Disassemble, Each Large Suction Cup features a Suction Flap for easy and convenient removal
5.Available in Multiple Colors

The Pet Life ® ‘Sticky-Swipe’ Interactive Suction Cup Kitty Cat Toy is a unique toy that is designed to suction and cling to hard surfaces and glass while providing an interactive playful experience. The Stick-Swipe contains 4 industrial-grade suction cups with a built-in peel-off flap located on each suction cup grip for convenient on and off access. This toy comes with 4 wiffle balls that are designed to roll around the inner track that cats can swipe at creating an experience designed to both entertain and build on their cognitive skills. Composed of highly durable and a lightweight EVA material that’s tear proof and perfect for travel. Great for installing on both floors and walls. Available in Multiple Colors.

18.3 X 18.3 X 2.9

Weight 0.3084 kg
Dimensions 18.3 × 18.3 × 3 in

Red, Black


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