Pet Life ‘Roto Paw’ IQ Training Interactive Rotating Slow Dog Feeder


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1.Features a Rotating Windmill-like Cylinder where Treats are Inserted and dispersed into a Slow Feeder
2.The Cylinder features an Open and Closed Locking Mechanism for placement of Dry Food and Treats
3.Features Dual-Sided Adjustable Knobs designed to Adjust the Height for both Smaller and Larger Dogs while easing neck strain
4.Multiple Hole Sizes are designed for both Larger and Smaller Pellets of Kibble and Treats
5.Great for Cognitive Development with a Food Bowl designed to slow digestion

The Pet Life ® ‘Roto Paw’ IQ Training Interactive Rotating Slow Dog Feeder is a combined two-step interactive slow feeding dog feeder that’s great for developing cognition. The Roto Paw Dog Feeder features an above cylinder with a Windmill-like rotating mechanism with an inner chamber for placement of Treats and Dry-Food. The windmill spins on an axle and releases food through the Dual-sized holes and onto a larger slow feeding food tray that’s designed to ease digestion and provide a rewarding experience. This Slow Feeder also features adjustable height settings with knobs located on each side for less reach-over during play.

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