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Pet Life Octagon Ultra Premium Collapsible Puzzle Pet Cat Scratcher Toy And House


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1.Composed of Ultra-Premium recyclable durable cardboard that is constructed to last longer than conventional cat scratchers
2.Constructed with Non-Toxic corn starch glue creating a healthier scratching environment for healthy scratching and paws
3.Collapsible and easy to assemble, great for lighter travel
4.Comes with an included organic catnip device
5.Features an entrance great for interior lounging or playing

The Pet Life Octagon Ultra-Premium collapsible puzzle cat scratcher house is composed of ultra-premium and durable recycled cardboard featuring Non-Toxic glue made of corn starch. Features a polygon figure with a cat entrance that doubles as a home for cat napping and can be used as a toy. Features cardboard on all sides which makes it easy for scratching. Constructed with superior cardboard and built-to-last longer than the conventional cat scratcher. Comes with an organic catnip device. Great for exercising and keeping paws nice and healthy.

SIZING MEASUREMENTS: 20.86"L x 20.86"W x 16.92"H

Weight 3.9599 kg
Dimensions 9.44 × 12.59 × 12.2 in



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