Pet Life ‘Gyrater’ Travel Swivel Pet Grooming Pin Brush


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1.The Handle features a Squeeze-to-adjust Rotating hinge that Locks into place making it more compact and perfect for Travel
2.Features both Palm and Knuckle handle control options for a more customizeable grip setting
3.Features an air cushion located beneath the Pins for a smoother brushing experience that is further gentle on the hair follicles
4.The Pins located on the brush are the perfect length for all sized Cat and Dog Breeds
5.Features an inner contoured grip made of TPR Material that is super soft and placed less stress on the hands during brushes

The Pet Life ® ‘Gyrater’ Travel Swivel Pet Pin Brush features a Built-in customizable rotating handle hinge that both swivels and locks into place at the press of a button to your desired handle setting. This Brush offers both a Palm and Knuckle Handle grip options and features a contoured inner grip with a Rubber-like TPR material for added grip and comfort while brushing. Designed to place less Stress on the hands and wrists during usage. The Stainless Steel Pins on the brushed are connected to an air cushion for a smoother brushing experience that’s easier on the hair. The Pins are the perfect length for both Dog and Cat Short Hair and Long Hair Breeds. Small and Compact make it perfect for Travel.

4.13 X 2.91 X 2.2

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