Pet Life ‘Denta-Brush’ TPR Durable Tooth Brush and Dog Toy


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1.This Toothbrush is Composed of TPR with longer-lasting re-usable Bristles
2.Multi-Textured Design meant to provide Dental stimulation and massage their gums while brushing their teeth
3.The Soft and Flexible Bristles are designed to assist in the removal of Plaque, Tartar and Gingivitis
4.Great for Teething Puppies that’s gentle on the gums. Extremely Durable will not break or tear
5.Available in Multiple Colors

The Pet Life ® ‘Denta-Brush’ TPR Durable Tooth Brush and Dog Toy is composed of a Soft, Lightweight and Highly Durable Rubber-like material that provides strong resistance to bite. This Toothbrush features Soft and Flexible Re-usable or Longer-lasting TPR bristles that’s perfect for spreading Toothpaste or Gels designed for brushing teeth by removing Plaque and Tartar while helping curb or prevent the spread of Gingivitis while massaging gums and providing dental stimulation. This brush also doubles as a toy and is great for tossing and chewing on and even great for teething puppies and kittens. The contoured design also makes it easier to brush those harder to reach areas. Available in Multiple Colors.

10.83 X 4.33 X .5

Weight 0.2359 kg
Dimensions 11 × 4.5 × 1 in

Orange, Green, Blue


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