Pet Life 3-Way Kitting-Go-Seek Interactive Collapsible Passage Kitty Cat Tunnel


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1.Features a 3 way interactive tunnel great for multiple play
2.Composed with crackle tear-proof polyester for added enjoyment and durability
3.Features a Lightweight collapsible wired inner frame
4.Collapses and folds in seconds and comes with a carrying case. Perfect for indoor or outdoor usages and traveling
5.Available in Multiple Colors

The Pet Life 3-Way Kitting-Go-Seek Interactive collapsible passage Kitty Cat Tunnel is composed of crackle tear-proof polyester and a durable lightweight inner wiring frame. Features 3 connecting striped expandable tunnels with a peep hole located at the center. Great for usage with multiple cats. The Cat tunnel completely collapses and folds. perfect for outdoor fun or travel. Perfect for all sized cats. Available in Multiple Colors.

SIZING MEASUREMENTS (LxWxH): 25″ x 35″x 3″

Weight 0.8754 kg
Dimensions 11.81 × 13.78 × 1.97 cm

Brown/Dark Brown, Blue/White, Pink/Black


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