Pet dog TPR flavor bite resistant pet pacifier chew toy dog molar toy


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Name: TPR pacifier toys
Reward puzzle: this toy; holding in the hand is really quite weighty; natural rubber material; not particularly hard; with a certain

The elasticity; smashed on the ground will also rebound Oh; so better training dog agility!

Teeth grinding and cleaning: "Love to bite; that means I really have a lot of fighting power Oh! Bone teeth gum; through the full contact with the dog’s teeth; not only

Can achieve the effect of teeth grinding and cleaning; but also to enhance the development of the dog’s jaw muscles! Specially added; milk flavor; so that the dog more like; but also

Can get rid of bad breath ha ~

Food grade material: all natural rubber; environmentally friendly and non-toxic; good bite resistance milk flavor; so that pets prefer a good bouncing effect.

Good to ensure that the pet keen training multi-color available; rich life fun.




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