Outdoor hanging bird water feeder Garden hummingbird feeder


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Attract More Birds – By offering fresh water alongside bird feeders; you’ll attract a larger variety of birds; including birds that don’t eat seed
Unique Design – The water drop shape design allows your birds to have their own water cooler to gather around
Accommodate Multiple Birds – The circular tray with perch provides plenty of room for multiple birds to drink at the same time
Easy to Fill & Clean – The wide-mouth bottle allows for easy filling and cleaning; while the ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry even when filled
Large Capacity – The large reservoir holds of water to keep birds’ thirst quenched on hot days
Offering Water to Wild Bird: This waterer makes an excellent compliment to bird feeders. By offering water in addition to a food source; you will attract a larger variety of wild birds to your yard; including those that don’t eat seed; like Bluebirds; Swallows; and Warblers.
Easy to Install: Rotate container into the base until it is fixed. With metal hanger; this Bird Waterer could be easily hung on the tree or hanger.

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