MewooFun Tree Scratching Tower 14” 2-Layer Cat Tree Sisal Cotton Cat Toys Gifts


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1.MewooFun Tree Scratching Tower 14” 2-Layer Cat Tree Sisal Cotton Cat Toys Gifts


MewooFun 2-LayerCat Tree Scratching Tower Post Scratcher Pet Climbing Rest Toy

Product Description:

MewooFun Cat Toy 2-Layer Turntable Cat Ball Toy

 with Feather Stick; Interactive Cat Toy with Eight Interactive Balls 

and Two Sisal Dangling Balls; Cat Scratching Post Cat Toy

 for Indoor Cats and Kittens



Product Name: Cat Toys 

Brand: MewooFun 

Material: Sisal; Wood

Color: Beige

Product Size: 21.4 x 16 x 14.3 in


[Unique design]This product is a combination of cat scratchers and cat toys. Compared to plastic toys; this kitten toys are made of wood; which is sturdy and durable; will not fall over and shake; providing reliability and stability while kittens playing the balls

[2-Layer track]This cat ball toy is designed with 2 levels of tracks and 8 moving balls to attract kitty’s attention! there are 2 sisal balls on the top; which can stimulate the cat’s hunting desire; attracting cats to bat the ball; swat the ball

[Cat Scratching Pole]Cat scratcher Pole is made of natural sisal to satisfy your cats’ natural instinct of climbing and scratching.there is a non-slip pad on the bottom; so it won’t scratch up your floors.

[Feather Toy]Feather toy with bells to keep your cat active.you can hold it in your hand to tease the cat or use a suction cup to attach it to the floor



Package includes:

1 x Cat Toy 



1.Small parts should be kept away from children under 3 years old to prevent accidental ingestion; be careful of sharp parts!

2.If you have any questions about our products; please feel free to contact us; our customer service will help you solve the problem as soon as possible; thank you for your understanding.

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Dimensions 21.4 × 16 × 14.3 in



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