Luxury 2-Storey Pet House Box Wooden Cage Comfy Cabin for Small Animals, Grey White


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[Beautiful Pet Box]Compound use of pinewood slats and thick wire mesh. Elegant appearance, giving your turtle a cozy home while adding more grace to your room.

[Superior Materials]Solid pinewood slats processed with sprayed paint. Thick wire mesh making sure safety and promoting air ventilation.

[Clear Viewing]Largely adapted plastic sprayed steel mesh, easy to observe and feed your pets closely. Capacious and comfy, a good home for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, etc.

[Openable Top & Side Door]The top panel and the side door can both be opened and locked. More convenience for paving cushions inside or manually adjusting the ramp.

[Easy Cleaning]A waste tray constructing the bottom of the entire pet box. Pulled out for convenient washing. Lined with premium plastic layer to avoid leakage.



Main Material: Pinewood

Color: Grey White

Overall Dimensions: 35.43"L x 20.87"W x 21.26"H

Openable Top: 35.43"L x 21"W

Right Door: 17.72"W x 6.89"H

Bottom Drawer: 33.86" x 19.69"

Ramp Size: 17.72"L x 6.50"W

Net Weight: 28.66lbs

Weight 16.0027 kg
Dimensions 37.41 × 22.84 × 9.06 cm



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