Lobster Shape Cat Toothbrush Interactive Chewing Catnip Toy Dental Care for Kitten Teeth Cleaning Leaky Food Device Natural Rubber Bite Resistance


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1.INTERACTIVE CHEWING TOY: This Catnip Toy is made of a sturdy rubber material that is strong, soft and flexible, allowing your cat to grind and clean its teeth. Cats can relieve anxiety, relax, and no longer feel lonely when playing with catnip fish toys. Interact with your cat to establish a connect
2.USB RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT: No need charging cable.This flashlight is widely compatible with USB interface charging device, can be connected to laptop, car, plug-in board, power bank for charging.It’s harmless. This is very safe.
3.ENHANCED INTELLIGENCE: The bottom hole of the cat toothbrush can be inserted into the bell to make the cat have fun. Reduce stress on cats, receive training on pet agility and mobility, and train your pet’s intelligence.
4.100% NATURAL RUBBER: FDA certification, natural rubber material, with safety, deformation, bite resistant characteristics. Environmentally friendly, high quality, durable, and safe for your cat’s tooth, can be used for a long time.
5.VERSATILE DESIGN: The Cat Toothbrush Toy was a fish shape, the product surface has raised spots, can clean the cat teeth deeply. The side hole design easily emits the smell of catnip, attracting cats to play; catnip mouth convenient to place catnip.


– Some cats are lonely, boring and lack of exercise. Rechargeable flashlight + Cat Catnip Toothbrush will enhance your interaction with cats and improve relationship with cats. allows your cat to brush teeth while playing, and also prevents the cat from biting the furniture and causing damage.
– Product Name: Cat Toy + Fish Cat Catnip Toothbrush Toy
– With this interactive cat toys, you can just sit and easily interact with cats.Suitable for daily life at home or outdoors.
– Which cat is suitable: Medium and large cats (small cats are not recommended)

– About 8% of cats are not interested in catnip, which is normal.You can change the fun of filling cat food or bells as needed.
– The cat may destroy the toy’s built-in catnip bag when chewing.
– Because our product is made of 100% natural rubber, it may taste a little bit, if you mind, please use it after cleaning.
– If your cat has bad teeth,Please reduce the number of uses.
– Please change the fresh catnip regularly according to cat’s needs to keep the cat interested.


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