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1.Kids will love this Friends Dog Rescue Centre animal playset featuring a grooming station, exercise area, 3 mini-dolls and 3 dog figures.Kids can build and customize this toy vet set with a reception area, treatment room, grooming station, kennels, an obstacle course and a slide.
2.This animal toy includes the 2023 characters Friends Autumn, Zac and dr. Gabriela mini-dolls, plus pets characters Pickle, Dash and Grace.
3.Includes fun friends puppy playground accessories: creative dog toys, scales, medicine, food, water, a magnifying glass, bed, brush and more.
4.The toy pets Pickle, Dash and Grace are waiting to be adopted: kids can help care for them by brushing the dogs or giving them a health check.
5.In 2023, the Friends universe and Heartlake City expanded with new characters and new locations that kids will love to discover.The Vet toys for kids 7+ years old are fantastic gift ideas for animal-loving children and fans of LEGO pets and creative toys.




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Little dog lovers will have lots of fun creating their own pup-inspired tales with this Friends Dog Rescue Centre (41727) animal playset. Kids Ages 7+ years old join the next generation of Friends to care for cute animals. This vet toy for kids includes everything young builders need to care for the pooches who are waiting to be adopted and features Friends Autumn; Zac and Dr Gabriela Silva mini-dolls plus 3 toy pets and loads of pet care accessories including toys; scales; medicine; food; water; a magnifying glass; bed; brush and more. Animal lover Autumn knows her friend Zac adores dogs too; so she’s kindly invited him along to the dog rescue center; where pups Pickle; Dash and Grace are all waiting to be adopted. Kids can help the characters wash and brush the dogs at the grooming station. Then help Dr Gabriela give them a health check in the treatment room. Uh oh! It looks like cheeky Dash has dug a hole! Kids can keep him busy on the obstacle course or play on the slide in the Friends puppy playground. What a fun day! Kids can enjoy an easy and intuitive building adventure with their creative toys on the Builder app. Here they can zoom in and rotate models in 3D; save sets and track their progress. Kids can make friends; discover exciting locations and act out real-life adventures in the Friends universe with the next generation of Heartlake City. Little animal lovers will love this toy vet set as a birthday gift or any-occasion toys for kids Ages 7+ years old. The Dog Rescue Centre measures over 7 in. (18 cm) high; 10.5 in. (26 cm) wide and 8 in. (20 cm) deep. Contains 617 Pieces.

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