Fly Away – Mint-Infused Dog Fetching & Interactive Toy


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1.At Merci Collective take pride in designing elevated everyday essentials to support you and your pet, on their healing journey.


Meet Fly Away; your dog’s new favorite interactive fetch toy. The frisbee-like shape will make it a breeze to throw and provides an easy grip all around for your dog. Lazy pup? Add a treat in the center cavity for some long-lasting fun!


Fly Away is infused with drool-worthy mint; to help combat smelly breath; it also holds treats for a post-play snack.


Designed for soft chewer dogs of all ages. Always let your dog chew this toy under supervision to avoid aggressive chewing that might damage the toy and prevent accidental swallowing.


Made with TPR; a PVC; and BPA-free that meets food-safe standards and is environment-friendly.

Weight 0.1814 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 8 × 2.5 cm

Serenity Blue, Cotton Candy


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