Cats and Dogs Food Dispenser Tumbler


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1.Pet food dispenser that engages their for a mental and physical workout


Cats and Dogs Treat Toy Tumbler

A fun way to give your cats and dogs their favorite snacks. Simply fill the ball, select the difficulty level and let your pets get to work! 

Color: Green, Pink

Material : Plastic

Size : 4 " x 4.8"

Built-in labyrinth device to expand the food flowing time.

Special designed with three air outlets on the top to make your pet easily attract to the food smell and chase the ball.

Easy to use: Open the top cover to fill in food. 

Adjustable barrier design for controlling the speed of food flowing. 


 Make this toy ball food dispenser a gift for your pet to reduce anxiety and feel less lonely when you are working not at home, giving your pet an ultimate brain teaser with this amazing IQ ball with food dispenser


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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 in



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