Cat Tunnel Collapsible Tunnel Pet Washable Tunnel Bed Felt Cloth Tunnel Toy


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1.Size: 35.8*8.7*8.7inch; Free combination of tunnels or caves: You can use two felt cloths to form a straight cat-eye tunnel. Free assembly, bringing more fun to you and your kitten.
2.High-quality soft felt material: This 5 mm thick breathable felt fabric is a combination of two colors of surface and back. Pure colors and textures are easy to integrate into the environment.
3.Interactive Playground: There are many peepholes on the felt cloth. The cat can walk in and curiously, and the owner can observe the activities of the kitten well. You can also watch cats with teasing sticks or toys.
4.Easy to store and clean: Removable design for easy travel and storage. The unfolding can be used as a game mat or pet mattress, which can be channeled after assembly. Our cat play mat is lightweight, soft and easy to remove and clean with a brush.
5.Wide range of uses: Multifunctional interactive training toys that can be used indoors, suitable for kittens, puppies and other small pets.





1. Helps save furniture from kitty damage.

2. Create new shapes freely, any time, all the time.

3. The surface and the back are a combination of two colors.

4. Foldable, easy to carry, and easy to store, save space when not in use.


Assembly method:

1. Fasten the corners of the two pieces of felt.

2. Combine the remaining two buttons to complete the combination.



Material: felt cloth material


Package Include:

Felt Cat Mats x2

Weight 0.3493 kg
Dimensions 35.8 × 8.7 × 0.5 in



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