Anti Barking Device; 55Ft Auto Dog Barking Control Devices; 3 Sensitivities; Ultrasonic Stop Dog Barking Device Pet Gentle Anti Dogs Barkin Indoor Outdoor


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1.Anti barking device for all sizes and breeds of dogs – This ultrasonic dog barking control device with 3 different sensitivities and a 25kHz sonic that is only heard by dogs and calms all sizes and breeds dogs down. The anti barking device may not work for deaf dogs or some aggressive dogs that don’t like ultrasonic; you can train it by turning the sensitivities.
2.Pet-Friendly Automatic Stop Dog Barking Device – The dog barking control device applies the 2022 updated sonic sensor technology for a dog bark; only working when the dog is barking. No irritating smell and shock; humane for dogs. With this automatic sonic dog anti barking device; you can create a silent environment for families and neighbors to enjoy a good sleep at night.
3.Easy to use – The anti barking device with a sensitivity adjustable button for selecting suitable levels to stop different dogs from barking. " T " mode for testing the speaker and microphone. " 1 " mode is low sensitivity and short-range; perfect for use in small homes. " 2 " mode is medium levels for use in big houses and outdoors; and " 3 " mode is the highest level for using in outdoors to stop neighbor’s dog barking.
4.Waterproof and Long standby time-  Our anti-barking device with a lanyard and house-shaped design; is easy to hang on trees; walls; or fence posts. The dog barking deterrent comes with a 9 Volt high-capacity battery making it standby for 30 days. Saving your time on endless charging and the cost of electricity fees.
5.Extantsive effective Range – The highest level can send the effective sonic to stop dogs around 55ft barking; perfect for stopping homeless dogs from barking around the home. Any problem with our anti barking device; please feel free to contact us. We will solve and reply within 24 hours.

Have you ever been annoyed or scared by dogs baking?
Did you be blamed for your dog’s barking affecting your neighbors?
Do you want to make a silent home with pet dogs for your family?
Queenmew Ultrasonic Anti Barking Devices are designed for solving these problems. It uses the updated sonic technology by creating a voice that can calm dogs but will not influence people or hurt the dogs like other brands of bark collars. Safety certification sure our product is effective; have a try; you will be amazed.
-Product Name: Ultrasonic Anti Barking House
-Size: 98.5x65x115.5MM
-Battery Volt: 9-Volt
T= Test mode; test the microphone and speaker
1= stopping dogs barking near 5m
2= stopping dogs barking near 10m
3= stopping dogs barking near 15m
LED Indicator: Green= anti barking device standby flashes 1 time per 5 seconds
Red= catching the barking voice and working
1. Safe and Humane: Our dog barking deterrent device is made in high-pitched ultrasonic sound technology; which will not cause any harm to humans or dogs. Sound frequencies between 25-30Khz have been proved harmless for dogs’ hearing and won’t cause physical hurt.
2. Extensive Effective Range: Up to 50Ft ultrasonic rings; you can take to stop your neighbor’s dogs from barking.
3. Easy to use: No more setup steps; just install the battery and turn it on.
4. Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs: Queenmew dog barking deterrent device use the frequency sonic that can calm all dogs in the effective range.
5. Widely Use: Indoor and Outdoor can be installed; and come with a lanyard that is easy to hang the anti-barking devices up.
6. Royal Service: Any problem in using our anti barking device; please contact us. We will solve it for you within 24 hours.

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