Andis D-6 Pet Vet Trim Animal Cordless Pet Grooming Trimmer


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Format: Retail PkgAge: Platform: N/AThe Andis Vet Trim Trimmer is a cordless; detachable blade trimmer that provides clean and close trimming around wounds and incisions. Its extremely quiet operation will not frighten sensitive or injured animals. It includes a #40 detachable; surgical; stainless-steel blade for easy sanitation; changing and cleaning making it great for surgery prep. Its also good for light trimming in tight areas and recharges to full power overnight. It has a Ni-MH battery for superior performance and less memory effect and is equipped with protection circuitry to prevent over charging. Kit Includes: Trimmer; Detachable #40SS surgical stainless-steel blade; Charger stand; Blade cleaning brush and Lubricating blade oil.

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