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Biography Of The Dog

I thought it might be interesting to do a little Best Dog Bio. About my golden retriever-labrador mix dog named Johnny. Johnny is world-loving, always happy, curious, good with strangers, and a total water freak of a dog. As most would say, their dog is the best in the world, and I am inclined to say the same.

The day I first saw him and took him into my care, I fell in love with this miraculous excuse of a dog. We traveled over 3 hours to another country to go get him. When we first arrived at the agreed meeting point, we were handed a banana box filled with blankets and pads. And inside was the cutest thing imaginable.

A small golden-yellowish little pup with the biggest smile and the happiest expression. And a little wee. Upon arriving at his new permanent home with us, he immediately took a big dump, for his size, just in front of the front door. Immediately exploration began, searching for the best spots to do his business in the yard.

I learned to change my routines to fit his. In the mornings, the first thing I had to do was take him outside.I couldn’t sleep and browse Facebook/Instagram on my phone for 20 minutes anymore and had learn patience while walking around the yard and waiting for her to grasp the concept of “go potty.” I had to puppy-proof my home. Johnny loved to chew, especially on power cords, so I had to make sure I put anything like that out of her reach. Two months later, and we’re getting it down. For instance, he now likes to sit in the corner of the tub while I shower. He’s still anxious about it, but we’ll work that out next!

This is Best Dog Bio and I once remember spotting Johnny in our spruce hedge, eating a dead bird to the bone. Of course, as the novice dog owner that I was, I fell into a panic, worrying sick about what could happen to him if he continued the consumption of the bird. But today, almost six years later, nothing has happened to his health.

Johnny continued eating things he wasn’t meant to, including shoes, his chew toys, the floor skirting, and rocks, and he once even tried to get a spoon down, but as you might imagine, that did not happen. But in his mid-aged days, he now resorts to just licking the insides of shoes and has mostly given up on non-edible objects.

We got her a few toys, and her favorite was a squeaky pink bone. He liked playing with his toys even as he became older and was reluctant to share them with the other dogs. It became a routine to give him and the other dogs a massage after their dinner.

While we didn’t know his actual date of birth, we “celebrated” all of our dogs’ birthdays on June 10, the day we got him, we would order a cake from my aunty.

Johnny likes to eat a lot. Because he is growing he needs certain kinds of food. I learned from the veterinarian what to feed him and how much so I don’t overfeed him. Dogs are like people, they need the right amount of food and exercise to be healthy. This helps me to learn more about watching what I eat and to eat only when I am hungry.

We have a seasonal ‘glamping’ Airbnb on our property, and one of the big perks is that people can bring their dogs. We’ve met some wonderful people this way, and Johnny gets to hang out with some great dogs.

And while I’m pretty sure Johnny loves me BEST, he actually ‘loves up’ anyone who wants/needs it. It’s not uncommon for a guest to say that snuggling and walking with Johnny was one of the best parts of their time at our Pond House. Guests routinely talk Johnny up in our reviews. “Gayle and Peter couldn’t have been better hosts, but the real rockstar of our stay was Johnny, a truly amazing and unique dog who made it hard for us to leave.” . It is my best dog bio and I didn’t rewrite a single word of that review. I swear.

My dog picked up a funny habit of standing up like a person when he wants to see something better. My whole family thinks this is hilarious, but it turns out that not everyone does. We were hiking in the woods one day, and Johnny stood up when he spotted someone approaching in the distance.

I saw the person take note of Johnny. Instead of laughing like I expected her to, she stopped in her tracks and pulled out her bear spray! Johnny is a less-than 100-lb golden retriever-labrador mix. It hadn’t occurred to me that maybe Johnny’s cute little habit wasn’t so cute when hiking in bear country! All ended well, thankfully.

My dog has a special love: human crotches. He will jam his pointy snout into anyone’s crotch to say hello while inhaling profoundly and happily wagging his tail. He did this to my father-in-law the very first time they came over to meet me. I try my best to intervene before he can do this, but I’m not always fast enough.

This my best dog bio . My dog, Johnny, and I were at the park one day. All the dogs were playing and having a good time. Suddenly I saw a woman pick up Johnny and start walking away with him. I called him, and he didn’t turn around, so I freaked out that he was trying to steal him. I ran up to her, snatched Timbit away, and started yelling at the woman. Then I realized that Johnny was standing at my feet and I had just grabbed a stranger’s dog away from her. The dog wasn’t even wearing the same color harness. The entire park full of people was staring as I stammered out a few dozen apologies.

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