How A Dog Become Friend

Enzo’s Tale

A story By Hamza Hanif

How Dog Become Friend . I still remember that day vividly, when I met my best friend, “Enzo.” It was a Sunday morning, I woke up early and is not usual for an eight-year-old to wake up early on a Sunday. This was not like I was an early riser who didn’t like to miss that beautiful early morning light. It was just not an ordinary day.

The doorbell rang, and I instinctively ran towards the door. The sun was amazingly bright. I had to close my eyes a little to see clearly, and there I had my first vision of him, of Enzo. My dad was carrying him with a big smile on his face. It was a puppy, Labrador. I was only eight years old then, but the only wish I had, as far as my memory went, was I wanted a pet…. a dog, to be exact.

What kind of dog food would I give him?

Several questions were roaming around my head as I began to look more closely at Enzo. He was beautiful. His eyes made my heart stop a little. Aren’t you a good boy? I chuckled while spreading my arms. My father handed me Enzo with loads of instructions, which I don’t remember. Maybe because I was not listening. That’s how excited I was.

As time went by, we became inseparable. He was so loving; hence it was no surprise how possessive I was regarding him.

To this day, I still have his dog collar on my shelf. It reminds me of all the walks we went on together. All the fun times. Right beside the collar, I keep a ball and a Frisbee. Of all his dog toys, the ones he played with the most were these two things.

Labrador with Dog Collar

Figure 2: Labrador with Dog Collar

How Dog Become Friend

One day Enzo got lost. I was nearly twelve by then and cannot forget how awful that day was. I spent the morning, noon, and evening looking for him. From the shop, I got his dog supplies 12 blocks away from our apartment. My tiny legs hurt badly because I ran around trying to find my buddy.

I argued; however, my eyes were more tired from crying all night. The next day in the evening, when real hope was lost, the doorbell rang. I opened the door with a sad face. There he was, a lady was carrying him. My expressions did not change that fast in my whole life except for that moment. That day I thanked God for the dog collar.

We offered the lady our utmost gratitude. She was a kind soul. She lived nearby. My mum and she had a long chat later that day. That is how Enzo made my mom a new friend.

All Enzo did was love everything around him. I got him a dog grooming kit as an apology for how careless I was. But he was never mad at me.

He made my childhood worthy enough to be remembered. Now that I look back, I mostly remember the two of us. I did not have any siblings. He was the only one after my parents.

When dog ill

Figure 3: Labrador

When Enzo Got Ill – How Dog Become Friend

Enzo got ill, really ill. I cried a lot when he left me. It all happened so suddenly and unexpectedly that I never had a chance to say goodbye. I was twenty by then. That did not stop me from crying like a baby. Who would I feed all this pet food to? Come back Enzo… I need you. I repeated all these illogical phrases again and again.

After a few days, I cooled off. Enzo taught me a valuable lesson. That what matters, in the end, is how many memories are left there to cherish. He taught me to always be grateful for everything and everyone around me. He taught me to take care of my loved ones because they are what matters the most. I never got a pet again; maybe that is because the love I have for Enzo is still irreplaceable.


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