I received this fluffy kitten as my birthday gift from my sister on 19 April 2016. The age of my cat was 6 months at that time. How I met my cat is a very interesting story. One day when I come back from university my sister told me there is someone in the drawing-room waiting for me and said OK let me get fresh and then I will meet that guest. After getting fresh, I went to the drawing-room and there was no guest I look at my sister and she start laughing and asked me to look under the sofa. I was like where? Guest is hiding under the sofa? And when I look under a sofa, I found a fluffy smoky greyish color cat hiding and said “Meeehioooow”. Since childhood, I kept cats as my pet but all those pets were stray cats who were not allowed to enter the house as they were not vaccinated and had no liter training this cat was wow, I found her so decent. She is such a beautiful punch face Persian cat with big green eyes, big mustaches, triple coat silky smooth grey and white hairs big tail and I named her “catchy” she is proper poppy trained and she was vaccinated when I get her and now at the age of 6 years her record is up to date. 

If we take a look at the chart of cat and human age my cat is approximately 40 years old in human years. 

And the difference is pretty clear when catchi was a kitten and junior she was so active and spend most of her time playing with toys and with the passage of time she is getting soberer and spending more of her time doing rest. 

From little kitten till now catchi loved playing with me, we do Wrestling like we both are in the ring of  WWF and she properly responds back without hurting me. To get her in a ninja mood so that she can show some super-fast actions I use a peacock feather. By just looking at the feather of peacock catchi’s eyes gets wide open and she acts like “Play Time” she run after the feather and try to catch it as it tickles her. Another then peacock feather anything tied with rope and dragged on the floor is catchi’s prey and she runs after it. 

Catchi has a single floor stretching pad where she goes to stretch her body and sharpen her claws as it is a stress realising process for cats. So catchi releases too much of her stress and sharps her claws on every sofa every leather item every luggage bag every carpet and every rug, she is so naughty. 

Catchi only eats her dry cat food and drinks plenty of water and does not eat any other food items like biscuits, raw or cooked meat, fish, chicken, and egg and if by any chance she eats some part of other food she throws it out of her stomach with vomiting. 

As I live in a Lahore city where the temperature goes up to 48 degrees Celsius, she likes to sit under an air conditioner but still due to sweating she gets a bath frequently.  

Catchi is my personal alarm clock she knows when I had to get up for the office and exact on time, she come near to me and start rubbing her paws on my face and keep doing until I got up. But the problem is that catchi just knows the exact time to wake me up so she keeps doing this on weekends as well. When I’m at the office she mostly spends her time taking naps and self-grooming with her tongue. And come to the door minutes before and keep waiting until I enter the home and welcome me with a long meow. 

Cachi’s loves to be tickled and the most ticklish part of her body is her tummy. She loves it with I rub her tummy and while getting rubbed she stretched her body as a gesture of loving it. She likes to get tapped on the backbone, especially near the tail, and likes her tail to be pressed gently up to its tip. And when I rub her jawline my cats say “that more like it dad more please” and start making a purring sound. The purring sound is actually a low-frequency noise that is good for the health of the human beings. 

Catchi is now 6 years old. And she is never mated till now which is one of the reasons behind her good health. But now I’m planning to do her matting with a white Persian male cat so they can have even more beautiful kittens. 

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